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Trabzon Exchange Commodity | tb.org.trAs Trabzon Commodity Exchange, we implement our projects and practices by accepting each partners of the sector as a whole, when it comes to hazelnut, and we share our implementations with public in a transparent and explicit way.

We have been leading in the projects concerning enhancement productivity and quality in hazelnut for 15 years by the collaboration of relevant institutes, companies and people within the sector.

Among these projects, there are Enhancing Quality and Productivity in hazelnut Project, Collect Hazelnut from Ground, Not from the Leaf Project, Bread with Hazelnut Project, Official Food of Trabzonspor is Hazelnut Project and Hazelnut and Health Project, which are seen as an significant example and implemented by relevant partners in the sector.

It can be seen that the productivity per decare is under 100 kilos in Eastern Black Sea region, and particularly, Enhancing Productivity and Quality in Hazelnut Project which includes renewing old and neglected hazelnut orchards with different planting system, and pruning with proper agricultural systems, is taken into consideration by government, and legal practices are started in order to solve the problem.

As we always mention, we prefer to work in corporation with all of the relevant partners from hazelnut sector.

In the light of such information, we organized a workshop in 25th of October 2016, concerning a collaborative struggle against one of the biggest threats of hazelnut sector facing recently, and we came together with 150 participants, from relevant partners. Everything went well as we had planned. Currently, we are working on a report, composed of recommendations and views of the participant academicians and representatives of hazelnut sector. We will make negotiations and present our report in order to get governmental support, with the government representatives, primarily Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, in a meeting to be held in Ankara.

Although, we shared all the reality in a transperant way with the public, and although Trabzon Chief of Chamber of Agricultural Engineers attended to the workshop, his statements concerning the workshop, especially his expression       “ to prepare a report based on their own profit” sorrowed and disappointed us. Everyone, including him, attended to workshop, has seen that such a disappointing statement did not reflect the reality.

Besides, in the press conference, held by Benevolent Association of Trabzon Hazelnut Producers last week, it was expressed that organizing a powdery mildew workshop was not the responsibility of Trabzon Commodity Exchange and for this reason they even did not understand why we, as Trabzon Commodity Exchange, organized such an event. This statement also is a source of sorrow for us. As we mentioned before, we, Trabzon Commodity Exchange, are leading and trying to do our best not only in the trade stage of hazelnut but also especially in the production stage of hazelnut in order to make every stage of hazelnut well. Where is the wrongness in here?

Within the same statement, it is impossible to understand why they claim that commodity exchange carries out a safe custody for hazelnut, and this issue should be clarified. Yet, Commodity Exchanges has never had such an implementation. The ones, who are claiming such arguments, either do not know the functions of Commodity Exchanges or they are confused.

Especially, accusing commodity exchange by asking “why did they announce hazelnut price as 11,90 TL in the opening of exportation season?” is out of question, since Trabzon Commodity Exchange is not responsible for announcing any kind of food price. Hazelnut prices, announced in our official website, were once taken from the daily prices, occurred in free market, and for 2 years, this implementation has been laid aside.

As a conclusion, neither understanding the ones, who need to support our implementations concerning enhancement in hazelnut, nor accepting accuses, made towards us is impossible.

Hazelnut sector cannot get somewhere by accusing each other and complaining about them. The mere solution is to be in common sense. The method of creating a common sense is to league together against, and to act in corporation with each other.

In this sense, as Trabzon Commodity Exchange, we once more state that we are taking our actions by seeing hazelnut sector as a whole, and we will keep our understanding still. Additionally, we would like to share our goal with the public, which is to enhance Turkish hazelnut monopolism in world market by increasing quality and productivity of hazelnut.

Şükrü Güngör Köleoğlu
Chairman of Executive Committee

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