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It's Nut The Ground Hazelnuts Branch
06 September 2013 Friday 13:04 Print
To be able to make the recipe for real you need to write to handle exports of enrichment. In particular, exports of made without a single penny of import entry. Here's the nuts and the exchange of agricultural products, as well as a number of net foreign trade, such as the one in Turkey in gaining export-oriented.

When looking at the average of the last ten year years 240 thousand tons of internal (480 thousand tons of shellfish), and over $ 1.5 billion in Exchange for providing the Exchange entry in hazelnut export season past 2012-2013, we have exceeded 300 thousand tons, a record, while the inner nut, along with the accompanying need to think about is putting in front of us.

At the beginning of an increase in their export sales make up the nuts as the opposite of declining production. Not much, in Trabzon, 150-200 pounds 20 years ago around decar, now yield 100 kilos down below nuts produced in 2013, according to the estimate of the harvest will be around 70-80 pounds is the account.

What does it mean to this brief?

Out of the 600 thousand tons of Turkey, who sells nuts in there with the rising consumption of 150 thousand tons to 750 thousand tons of nuts is facing with the requirement. Looking at the amount of the average of the last 10 years, whereas the production of 600 thousand tons of civarlarındadır. This "market, but will sell nuts less than" means.

That's really, while the 8-9 per cent share of the production of nuts, out of as much as 40 percent of this ratio in the ' 60s, the Trabzon to begin to increase yield and quality in hazelnut Trade Exchange in our studies this year, we have added a new one.

"It's not, collect the ground Hazelnuts branch" with the slogan our press ads, brochures and posters in our attention with the first campaign was effective.

Growers this year opted to collect more from the nut. Collect from maturing, catching the product primarily to mean 2-3 power means more to arrive.

Collect from you, the cost of labor to reduce by half the fees.

To give an example, in my own garden last year, which corresponds to an entire branch of hazelnut harvest dry weight in 2080, while 100 in the general journal. This year, 1,400 pounds of hazelnuts in Exchange for a significant portion of harvesting, collecting 36 from general journal. Last year, this year's gathering of nuts 20 pounds a person amount exceeded 40 pounds. You see, we have won both the quality and workmanship.

As a result, increase yield and quality, reducing the cost of hazelnut and compete in both the markets and the yen beyond the manufacturer, and we have to make an effort to increase consumption.

Trabzon is a comprehensive project on this issue as the trade Exchange with the Nevsehir province, we're going to be together. Our goal is to produce and sell all together very much, to win. But you must work hard for it. Our religion is the greatest work he regarded as worship, too.
MEHMET CİRAV - TTB Assembly President
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